Committee decisions of note:

1 May 2018 – Club Championship eligibility will be based on having played at least 6 WAVGA games in the 12 months prior to the championship dates.

29 January 2019 – The green fee for local members and applicable committee members to be increased to $10. This green fee also applies to Life members.

7 May 2019 – It was resolved that the definition of “regular playing member” as required by the membership rules, is that a member must play at least 12 competition games in the previous twelve months at their home club. The committee has discretion to consider special circumstances that may have reduced this number.

30 July 2019 – Annual membership fee increased to $40 and new membership application fee to $60.

4 May 2021 – A competition fee of $5, over and above the daily green fee, will be introduced effective 24 May 2021. This fee to be all inclusive of the $1 surcharge levied to cover the credit card commission costs.

7 September 2021 – The green fee for approved executives on the committee to be a minimum of $15 per game with a maximum of $25 discount on the daily green fee. This discount does not apply to cart fees which must be paid for, in full.  The  executive committee approved to receive this discount are: President, Vice President, Captain, Vice Captains, Secretary/Treasurer and Life Members, and only after serving 2 years on the committee.  Members at their home club pay a comp fee of $10.

1 February 2022 – The competition fee of $5 introduced in May 2021 to be discontinued effective 14 February.  The $1 credit card surcharge will remain.

4 April 2022 –  The committee unanimously agreed to commence actively promoting Vets membership to lady members.