Delegates Manual  – updated 16 Feb’22


If you have accrued $25 or more, please see the Captain to redeem your accrual for a Drummond voucher.

Did you loose an EXO ODYSSEY putter cover at The Cut on Monday 11 April?

If so please contact Tom Grimston, he has it in his golf bag.


Captain’s Update Wednesday 22 June 2022

Vines Resort Monday 20 June

88 Players enjoyed the day with a leisurely drive around 18 magnificent, but tricky holes!

  • Our sponsor on the day was Real estate Plus.
  • Congratulations to A Grade Winner John Lennon with 35 points, B Grade winner Fred Feucs 36 points and C Grade winner Peter Stewart 29 points. Royal Fremantle member John Lennon was Best Gross winner with a of 84. It was Doug Hudson won the money though on the Super Pin Hole 5 – nearly a hole in one, hitting the flag stick and centimetres from the hole!
  • Huge thankyou and congratulations to the Registration Desk Delegates; Steve Spenser and Doug Hudson welcoming us all to Vines Resort – Ellen Brook Course.
  • OBE: Gary Carter.  Well done Gary in good form following last week’s win!

Next Fixture: Chequers Golf Club. Club delegates Graham Dore and Brian Bell will be your host on the day.

Travel Tip: For those who have travelled the USA you will be aware of the respect that their Military Veterans are awarded. Many businesses offer discounts to Veterans and in particularly Museums and Public Venues. It was one of the WAVGA members from Chequers GC who is presently in the USA who wore his WAGA Shirt to one of these venues and was immediately offered a 20% entrance discount and thanked for being a Veteran. The Tip: Wear your WA Veteran Golf Shirt when visiting USA! If you haven’t got a shirt see Tom Grimston to order one now!

Captain’s Update Wednesday 15 June 2022

Sun City Country Club Monday 13 June: 84 enthusiastic golfers played the event in conditions that began windy but ended up perfect – the course was in wonderful condition and Josh Gopupillot, Golf Operations at SCCC made sure everything was in readiness for our fixture:

  • Our sponsor on the day was Drummond Golf.
  • Congratulations to A Grade Winner Richard Day with 43 points and B Grade winner James Carslaw (39 points). Local member Brett Flatters was Best Gross winner with a of 77. It was Ian Gray won the money though on the Super Pin Hole 8.
  • Huge thankyou and congratulations to the Registration Desk Delegates; Robert Bennet and Brett Flatters welcoming us all to Sun City Country Club.
  • OBE: Great to see so many of our OBE (Over Bloody Eighty) members joining us at SCCC, but it was Gary Carter who showed us all how to play with 36 points to be the best OBE scorer on the day and got second outright in B Division. Well done Gary!

Next Fixture: The Vines an 11.30 Shot Gun start – make sure you arrive no later than 11.00am for the briefing and time to drive out to your starting tee. READY GOLF will be essential to keep the pace of the game moving so that the round is complete well before sunset! This is the shortest day of the year, and the sun sets very early at 5.19pm!

Captain’s Update Wednesday 8 June 2022

 Vice Captains:  My thanks to Doug Hudson and Stan Bartley for stepping up and managing the Royal Fremantle and Mosman Park fixtures in my absence while away on ‘Fish Research’!


  • Royal Fremantle: 102 starters and nice weather. Well played by grade winners: Warren Howard (gross winner as well), Terry Porter and Liam Burns. On the desk were Chuck Macfarlane and Clayton Dunning. Tony Oehme certainly knows the venues to win the nearest the pin picking up $80 for his effort! My thanks to the Royal Fremantle Members of WAVGA for sponsoring the addition prize for Best Nett Overall Player that was won by Stephen Duffy (winner had to be present to receive the trophy).
  • Mosman Park: 48 starters and thanks to Ian Hutton and James Carslaw for again welcoming us to Mosman Park and congratulations to event winner (and Best Gross) Roland Scheffler.

Next fixture – Sun City Golf Club: My thanks to Sun City Members Brett Flatters and Rob Bennett for accepting the Delegate positions for SCGC.

Presentation Suggestion: When it does come to sorting out the Awards for Presentation it does take time to collate all the relevant information. However, one of the major hold ups is the finalization of the player results with the Pro Shop. All too often the delay is created by players who don’t use the MiScore App that are late in submitting their cards to the Pro Shop. The Suggestion (as proposed by some of our members): If you do not utilise the MiScore App please don’t book yourself into the last 2 or 3 groups!

Thanks to the members who suggested this action as a means of enhancing our golfing experience. If you have similar practical ideas that could help with the enjoyment of the comradery and participation, please drop me an email and I can share this with our members as well. Ron Ross, Captain.


Captain’s Update Sunday 22 May

Araluen Fixture – the decision has been made to cancel the WAVGA fixture for Monday 23 May. This decision was a difficult decision to make but many factors had to be considered in making this decision:

  • Monday forecast for the Armadale Area is 30-60mm with very high (near 100%) chance of showers and thunderstorms predicted in the morning/afternoon.
  • Low number of players remained in the comp and the fact that many more could drop of the starters list (as is the trend) when bad weather is eminent.
  • The charging structure of Araluen GC – once numbers are set, WAVGA is expected to pay for all players listed (which would be on charged to members irrespective if they played or not.
  • If the event was cancelled later than 10am Sunday WAVGA could be liable for a 10% cancellation fee of the original 80 player booking – a $400 cost to WAVGA. This could have also been the case if starter numbers on the Monday remained very low.

The North of the River verses the South of the River Comp will now be rescheduled to a later date and venue.

Again my apology to those few golfer who remained on the ‘Starters Sheet’ for Araluen but for golfer safety and financial reasons, as stated above, the decision to cancel was made. Thank you for your understanding of the cancellation in this instance and happy golfing!

Captain’s Update Wednesday 18 May 2022

ARALUEN North of the River V South of the River Challenge: Booking sheet is full but the weather forecast is not looking flash – just as well golf is an ‘all weather’ sport! Please read the important ‘Charge’ information for this event on the ‘Fixtures’ page. Once starters names/numbers have been reported to Araluen GC early Monday morning that is the number we have to pay for. So, if your name is on the sheet after the fixture closes you will be obliged to pay even if you do not attend! Sorry about this arrangement, but this is how Araluen GC operates as a business!

Captains for the Challenge will be Stan Sexton (South) and Doug Hudson (North) may the best team win!

Royal Fremantle: As predicted, the field has filled very quickly. Please add your name to the ‘Wait List’ if you have not been able to get a time slot. It is hoped that Fremantle will be able to provide some more playing places, but with the earlier sunsets sometime this may not be possible. Please consider your booking certainty and the needs of your fellow members. Please do not leave withdrawal from the event until the last possible moment preventing someone else taking your placement. Chuck Macfarlane and fellow RFGC Members will be the Delegates welcoming us to their Club.

Captain’s Apology: I will be absent for the Royal Fremantle and Mosman Park Fixtures as I will in Carnarvon on a fishing ‘research’ project for two weeks (better known as a Fishing Comp!). I am sure the Vice Captain’s, and the Committee will ensure the continued smooth running of the WA Veteran Golf Association during my absence.

Welcome: Welcome to new members of the WA Veteran Golf Association, and in particular John Jordan from Melville Glades GC, who joined us for his first game with WAVGA at Nedlands. I am sure he enjoyed his game and will enjoy the comradery of the WAVGA into the future.

Sun City Golf Club: Yes, we move north of the metropolitan area to sunny weather for this event on Monday 13 June! My thanks to Sun City Members Brett Flatters and Rob Bennett for accepting the Delegate positions for SCGC.

Nedlands Golf Club Monday 16 May.

A huge thankyou to Nedlands Golf Club and their GM Mellissa Castalidi allowing us to play at Nedlands after Rockingham GC had to cancel our planned fixture there due to Senior Pennant commitments imposed by Golf WA.  

  • Our sponsor on the day was Gadean Footwear.
  • After a few late withdrawals the field was reduced to 58 starters and therefore only a 1 Grade Comp. Congratulations to Winner Shaun Greenfield (41 Points) and runner-up Chuck Macfarlane (39 Points). Shaun Greenfield was Best Gross winner with 75. Darrell Lynch won the money ($46) on the Super Pin Hole.
  • Huge thankyou and congratulations to the Registration Desk Delegate; Richard Lee welcoming us to Nedlands Golf Club.
  • Next Fixture: Araluen and then Royal Fremantle.

    Captain’s Update Wednesday 11th May 2022

    ARALUEN North V South Challenge:  Bookings are now open and only a few spots left – so get in quickly! The number of entrants so far is looking a little ‘loaded’ from the north of the river players! North has 54 registered entrants and the South with 21. However, no matter what tactics the north players have planned, will quality rule over quantity on the day? Our Northam WA Veteran Golf Association Members have been deemed to be part of the South of the River Challenge as most of Northam Town Site is located to the South of the Avon River – welcome to the South Team Northan Boys!

    VIEW FINDER: Secret Harbour Golf Club contacted me to report a View Finder was left in one of the later group carts utilised on the day. If you believe this is yours, contact the Pro Shop as it was left with them by the ‘Cart Staff”.


    Secret Harbour Golf Club Monday 9th May.

    Fabulous weather for golf once again with 69 starters enjoying the course and hospitality!

    • Our sponsor on the day was Richard Pace’s Nutri-Mate Dog Rolls.
    • Congratulations to A Grade Winner Tim Turner (42 Points) and B Grade winner Barry ‘Shark’ Quigley (41 points). Darrell Lynch was Best Gross winner with a of 76. Doug Hudson won the money though on the Super Pin Hole, but it was Digby Barrett who won the Nearest the Pin on that hole – can someone lend Digby $1 next week and remind him to put his name on the Super Pin Sheet.
    • Huge thankyou and congratulations to the Registration Desk Delegates; Maggie Thatcher and Doug Hudson welcoming us to Secret Harbour Golf Club.
    • Next Fixture: Nedlands and Club Delegate Richard Lee.  My person thanks to Nedlands Golf Club making their course available for our use on the day after the originally planned fixtured club cancelled due to their ‘Senior Vet Pennant’ commitments.

      Captain’s Update Tuesday 3rd May, 2022

      BIGGEST EVENT OF THE YEAR: Well maybe the most anticipated event of the year, but not necessarily the biggest, is nearly upon us! he big question is: who has the best golfers – those to the South of the river or to the North? The question will be answered on Monday May 23 at Araluen Resort Golf Club and let the bragging rights begin! When the event opens you will need to be quick to reserve your spot for the ‘defence’ of your territory’s reputation as it is limited to only 80 players! The Inaugural North v South Trophy will be presented at the end of the event! 

      Wanneroo Golf Club Monday 2nd May:

      Perfect weather for Autumn Golf!

      • My thanks to Vice Captains Stan Bartley and Doug Hudson for hosting the presentation in my absence – from all reports a job well done! 
      • Our sponsor on the day was Gadean Footwear.
      • Congratulations to A Grade Winner Phil Wagner (38 Points) and B Grade winner Geoff Smith (37 points). Warren Howard was Best Gross winner with a of 77. Graig Shieles won $54 on the Super Pin Hole 15.
      • Huge thankyou and congratulations to the Registration Desk Delegates: Warren Howard and Jim Treloar welcoming us all to Wanneroo Golf Club. The work that these Delegates do at their home club is invaluable to the WA Veteran Golf organisation and assists in making the visitors feel welcome at an event.
      • Next Fixture: Secret Harbour Golf Club.  Secret Harbour has requested that there be no gaps in the field so please be aware that your requested Tee Off time may change prior to the event. If your time is affected you will receive an email advising of the change – however, for everyone please check your playing time on the morning of the event and allow travel time to arrive in plenty of time for your start time.

      Captain’s Update Wednesday 27 April 2022

      GROSS WINNER CALCULATIONS:  When using the Stableford Scores to calculate the Gross Winner, this method does not consider the holes that were recorded as a wipe (P on the MisScore App). In the future the Gross Winner Award will be calculated on the Gross Shots by the player. If a ‘P’ is recorded for a hole, the shots attributed to that hole will be the Par plus 3 shots – this will then be added to the total of strokes you played for the game. This will mainly affect A Grade Players. Therefore, it is advised that you record your shots for each hole up until the Par plus 3 score is reached. Eg: If you score 7 on a Par 5 and you would normally enter this as a wipe (low handicapper) put in the 7 score – otherwise the ‘P’ would be recorded as an 8 when the captain is calculating Gross Winner. Gross Winning Calculation was explained at the Mt Lawley Presentation and was utilised to determine the Gross Winning Score on the day. I thank the members that drew this ‘idiosyncrasy’ in the scoring app to my attention.  ‘Wipes’ will now be added for the calculation of Gross Score.

      AVGU 2022 National Championship in Mandurah (6th to 11th November): Please read the notice on the fixture page ouling the assistance needed to host this event – let Graham know how you can assist!

       Mt Lawley Golf Club Tuesday 26th April:

       Weather was perfect for some wonderful golf – proving the Weatherman wrong again!

      • Our sponsor on the day was the Mt Lawley Vets.
      • Congratulations to A Grade Winner Francis Forrester (40 Points and our winner last week at Melville Glades as well) and B Grade winner Robert Bennett (40 points). Warren Howard was Best Gross winner with a score of 77. Mal Kent won the money on Super Pin Hole 13.
      • Huge thankyou and congratulations to the Registration Desk Delegates; David St George welcoming us all to Mt Lawley Golf Club.
      • Next Fixture: Wanneroo Golf Club.  

        Captain’s Update Wednesday 20 April 2022

        VACANCIES ON BOOKING SHEETS: At many of our recent fixtures there have been vacant gaps between tee times for groups in the field, and at other times only two players left in a group. Golf Clubs are a business and have requested that our field need to be compacted so they can free up valuable playing space and availability on their courses. Therefore, to ‘keep the peace’ and to have host clubs continuing support with discounted rates and use of their facilities it will, at times, require adjusting placements in the field. When a fixture is condensed, or your position altered, members affected will receive 2 emails: one detailing their cancelled position and a second confirming their new Tee OFF time and Grouping.  You will not lose a placement in the field but who you are playing with, or your start time may change.

        Please ensure you check your booking on the Web Page prior to the day of the event to ensure you know when to arrive well in advance of your allocated start time.

        Booking Hints:

        • See a space, fill it with your booking.
        • Booking a group – fill the next available line.

        Melville Glades Golf Club Tuesday 19th April:

        • Our sponsor on the day was Jeff Watkins and his company ACTIVE CARE.
        • Melville Glades was being prepared for their Club Championships was presented in great condition. Congratulations to A Grade Winner Don Hitchcock (39 Points) and B Grade winner Colin Thorniley (40 points). Dave Falconer was Best Gross winner with a of 80. Tim Turner won the money though on the Super Pin Hole 4.
        • Huge thankyou and congratulations to the Registration Desk Delegates; Willie Henry and Jeff Watkins for welcoming us all to Melville Glades.
        • Next Fixture: Mt Lawley Golf Club’sDelegate David St George will organise his fellow WA Veteran Golf Members to be the welcoming committee to Mt Lawley – thanks to their members for being the sponsors of the day on Tuesday 26 April.

        Captain’s Update Wednesday 13 April 2022

        The Cut Tuesday 11th April:

        • Our sponsor on the day was Drummond Golf. The Mandurah Drummond Golf Store Manager Ian Taylor was scheduled to play in the event but unfortunately business commitments meant a late apology. He hopes to be at one of our upcoming events to meet the WA Vet Members.
        • The Cut – Fabulous conditions for the early starters but a down pour and thunderstorm for the later starters! Still a great course with a fantastic outlook of the Indian Ocean and challenging holes! Congratulations to A Grade Winner David St George (39 Points) and B Grade winner David Lamont with an impressive 44 points! Peter Sweetlove was equally impressive with a Gross Score of 77. Tim Turner won the money though on the Super Pin Hole 4.
        • Next Fixtures: Because of Easter and ANZAC Days being Public Holidays on a Monday our next 2 fixtures, Melville Glades and Mt Lawley, fall on a Tuesday. At Melville Glades members Willie Henry and Jeff Watkins will be on the Delegates Desk to welcome you all to their course! At Mt Lawley David St George will organise his fellow WA Veteran Golf Members to be the welcoming committee to Mt Lawley – thanks to their members for being the sponsors of the day on Tuesday 26 April.
        • Drummond Membership Cards: These have been given to Club Reps and will be handed out at your respective clubs by whoever received these from Tom. Remember, for those that have not yet received their card, when at Drummond you don’t need your Drummond Membership Card to receive a discount, you as a WA Veteran Golf Member are recognised on their system and will be treated as a Drummond Club Member and entitled to all the benefits!
        • Order Of Merit Update: This can be found on the ‘Results Page’ and will be updated at various times through the season.

        Captain’s Update Wednesday 5th April

        Araluen! What a golf Experience! Those who played the Ambrose Event on the Day certainly had an enjoyable time – though some had a few more shots than they bargained for. Full results of the day are listed in the ‘Game Results’.

        South of the River V North of the River: This event will be played at the Araluen Golf Resort on Monday 23 May. Bookings will be limited to 80 players, and it will be a Stableford Event.

        Event Bookings: When booking into a fixture, and all fixtures, please make sure you read the information concerning the particulars of your booking. If your name is on the sheet after bookings close, Clubs are charging us for your ‘no show’ and the cost will need to be credited to your account! So – if you are not able to play, remove your name as soon as possible to avoid charges! Also, if you remove your name at the last possible time, you are not allowing those on the waiting list an opportunity to access to the fixture and all too often a playing groups are reduced to only 2 players on the day.

        Variations in Playing Times: With some fixtures there are big gaps in the field. Clubs do not like to have these gaps between playing groups and as Captain, at times I will make changes to eliminate these gaps. You will receive an email, if changes have been made.  Please check the Booking Sheet’ on the morning of a fixture to ensure you have the correct time and arrive in time. Thanks!

        See you at ‘The Cut’ next Monday (11 April).

        Captain’s Update Wednesday 30 March 2022

        Hartfield GC Monday 28th March:

        • Club Delegates: Lynton Piggott, Mike Stokes and Gordon Sherlock were our Gosnells Delegate this week. A bit of a ‘Hic Cup’ to begin with but a strong field got away OK! Harfield was in wonderful condition after a week of events celebrating their 50 Year Anniversary and the course was certainly enjoyed by all. Thanks to Harfield Golf Club for their Sponsorship and support of the event. Congratulations to Grade winners: Jeff Pace and Ross Hancock. Best Gross:  Maggie Thatcher. Great Eagle on the 9th by Francis Forrester!
        • Araluen 2 Man Ambrose Event
          • How to play: Two players work as a team! Each player hits off the tee, the best shot is selected, and the other player picks up their ball and place it, within one handspan, alongside the best ball. Each person then hits a second shot from the same spot. Off the fairway, ball is dropped and played where it rests.
          • Scorecard: Ambrose is scored in stroke.
          • Handicap: A team handicap is calculated by adding the team members’ individual handicaps together then dividing it by four for a two-player team. This is then subtracted from the Gross Score of the Team to arrive at the Net Score. Please make sure you arrive knowing your current GA to calculate your Araluen Handicap.
        • Member Bookings: I realise urgent matters do arise which prevent attendance at a fixture but if you know you can’t play on the day, please remove your name from the fixture ASAP so others can fill your spot! Removing your name late on Sunday evening, shifting your placement or adding your name makes it difficult to notify host clubs of changes on the Golflink scoring procedure and becomes annoying for them when I have to send through numerous ‘player updates’ for our event!
        • Drummond Voucher Balance of Credits: Once you have reached increments of either $25 of $50, vouchers can be obtained from the captain/vice captains for you to utilise at Drummond Golf

        Captain’s Update Friday 25 March   …..back from Southwest Tour.

        What a great week down South for WA Veteran Golfers and their partners:

        • BRUCE ROWLEY SHIELD: Played at Bunbury Golf Course on Monday 21st of March retained and won by ‘Team City’. Well done all those who assisted in the win. A notable performance by new City Vet Member Rob Bennett who top scored with 41 points on a c/b from Michael Hardless who also scored 41 points. The WA City Vets were off to a great start and after the top 20 players’ scores from City and Country Vets were added it left little doubt that ”Team City’ had retained the shield with a score of 723 to 706.
        • CAPEL GC: Notable Scores: Judy king (41pts) and Stan Sexton (40pts).
        • Collie GC: Notable Scores: Doug Hudson (38pts) from Richard Day on C/B (38pts).
        • Harvey GC: Notable Scores: Peter King (36pts) and Brett Flatters (33pts).
        • Overall Combined Score Winners for the 3 days: 1st:  Teresa Smart, 2nd:  Judy King, and 3rd: Peter King

        MiScore: Have you see the new feature on MiScore? A 3-minute timer has been added to the App to make the determination of the time spent looking for a ‘lost golf ball’ clearer and precise! Once a player begins looking for their ball and the 3-minute time allowance expires, that ball is no longer in play and players need to move on!

        Hartfield is the Next event and thankyou for the delegates of Lynton Piggott, Mike Stokes and Gordon Sherlock making themselves available to welcome players to Hartfield on the registration desk.

        Araluen 4th April: Bookings are filling fast for this ‘2 Man Ambrose’ Event. Please ensure if you do book that you commit to the booking – all too often members withdraw, or don’t arrive,  at the last minute preventing members on the ‘wait list’ to fill a vacated spot!


        Captain’s Update Wednesday 16 March 2022

        Gosnells GC Monday 14th March:

        • Lodging Round Score: Can I remind members that at the conclusion of your round it is your responsibility to ensure that your score is entered into the golf link system. For those using MiSCcore this is easily done via the App. If still using a card system, enter score on the facility provided by the Host Club (If unsure check with the Pro Shop – and ensure your score is entered into the system). Presentation is unduly delayed because players cards are missing or not entered – thanks for your assistance.
        • Club Delegates: Terry Smith was our Gosnells Delegate this week and it is pleasing to see that we now have several Gosnells Members indicating they will now be joining the WA Veteran Golf Association. Thanks Terry, for a job well done!
        • City V Country Vet Challenge: Peter Green, from the Country Vets Association is already ‘crowing’ about a Country Win – we will have to see about that when we gather in Bunbury to decide the winner!
        • For those staying the additional days for golf at Capel, Collie and Harvey. I am sure you will enjoy the hospitality and experience offered by these hosting clubs. Please make sure you check the web page for your starting times. The Country Delegates hosting our visits are:
          • Capel: Peter Lange (First Tee Off time 8.45am)
          • Collie: Greg Bell ((First Tee Off time 10.30am)
          • Harvey: Jeremy Lister (First Tee Off time 10.00)

                        Check the web site for the cost, comp fee and hospitality offered.

        • New Members: At Gosnells we welcomed 4 new members to the WA Veteran Golf Association: Steve Duffy (Royal Fremantle), Steve Elias (Lakelands), Gary Lightfoot (Melville Glades), and Barry Judge (Royal Fremantle).
        • Drummond Voucher Balance of Credits: Once you have reached increments of either $25 of $50, vouchers can be obtained from the captain/vice captains for you to utilise at Drummond Golf
        • After returning from the Southwest Tour, we meet at Hartfield on Monday 28th March.
        • Please be advised that the first Araluen fixture scheduled for Monday 4th April will be a 2 Man Ambrose event – so get your partner organised so you can book in together when the event opens on the web.

        Captain’s Update Wednesday 9 March 2022

        Mosman Park GC Tuesday 8th March:

        • Club Delegates: What a welcome, to a fabulous golf course, local members Ian Hutton and James Carslaw offered to our players on arrival. The extensive and precise ‘players notes’ equipped everyone for a great round of golf.
        • The only hiccup on the day was that Mosman Park Golf Club had set the comp up as ‘Stroke’ – but with the assistance of MiClub this was converted back to ‘Stableford’ as originally requested. Once everyone had completed their round this conversion was completed leaving another problem: the winner’s card of 38 points was missing, and once verified by playing partners the omission error was corrected and prize allocation allotted accordingly.
        • Congratulations and well played to our winners: Brian Bell and Warren Howard as Gross Winner with 77.
        • Drummond Voucher Balance of Credits: Once you have reached increments of either $25 of $50, vouchers can be obtained from the captain/vice captains for you to utilize at Drummond Golf
        • Gosnells next week!

          Captain’s Update Tuesday 1st March 2022

          Royal Fremantle Monday 28th February:

          • Club Delegates: ‘Team Fremantle’ Delegates: Chuck Macfarlane, Clayton Gunning and John Lennon thanks for a job well done
          • Lost and deleted Cart Bookings proved to be an annoyance and distraction for many on the day! However, after lengthy discussions with Fremantle I am confident this will not be a problem for our members for future playing dates at RFGC. If you were affected, as I know a few were unable to play because of lack of carts, I hope this will not deter you from booking at our next visit to RFGC on Monday May 30 – but keep contacting the Pro Shop to make sure you cart booking is saved and secure!
          • Fremantle Members sponsored the ‘Best Nett Score’ on the day and Graham Dore with 37 points, won a RFGC Shirt for his outstanding score. Congratulations and well played to our Grade winners: Chuck Macfarlane (A Grade), Neil Munroe (B Grade) and Bruce Burns (C Grade).  
          • By the way, Chuck Macfarlane recorded the best gross – well done Chuck! 
          • Country v City Challenge in Bunbury: Sill some ‘City’ places to fill!
          • Drummond Voucher Balance of Credits: Once you have reached increments of either $25 of $50, vouchers can be obtained from the captain/vice captains for you to utilise at Drummond Golf.

            Captain’s Update Tuesday 22nd February 2022

            Meadow Springs Monday 21st February:

            • Apologies for the mix up of Grades at the Presentation – however, this has now been changed back to the correct required 2 Grade results and winners are correctly listed in the ‘Game Results’ section of the WA Veteran Golf Association Web Site.
            • Congratulations and well played to our Grade winners: Rolf Kraus (A Grade) with an outstanding 43 points and Bruce Burns (B Grade) with an equally impressive 36 Points. Rolf and Bruce received a Voucher from Meadow Springs Golf and Country Club for 18 Holes of golf for 2 people including motorised golf cart – exceptional prize donated by Meadow Springs!
            • Well done Peter Sweetlove with the Best Gross of 77.
            • Country v City Challenge in Bunbury: Please book into the remaining available spots in this fixture! We are challenging the Country Vets on their hoe ground at the Bunbury Golf Club, and we need all our positions filled so we can have the best possible representation to retain the title, prestige and shield.
            • Club Delegates: The expertise and organisation skill of the club delegates for each of the clubs played so far this year has been exceptional. At Meadow Springs it was Mal Kent, Alan Wiseman and David Scott being our hosts. Congratulations on a job well done!
            • Drummond Voucher Balance of Credits: Your current balance of uncollected accrued credit will be listed in this ‘Captains Corner’ in future. Once you have reached increments of either $25 of $50, vouchers can be obtained from the captain/vice captains for you to utilise at Drummond Golf

            Royal Fremantle 28th February

            • See you there next Monday – our largest field of players ever, so please keep the pace of play moving so our late starters finish at a suitable time.

            Captain’s Update Tuesday 15th February 2022

            Cottesloe Monday 14th February:

            • Congratulations and well played to our Grade winners: Digby Barrett (A Grade) with 38 points – resting from the Wanneroo fixture must have inspired Digby, Tony Viner (B Grade) 36 Points and Ian Gray (C Grade) with 34 points.
            • Well done Brendan Curtain with the Best Gross.
            • PACE of PLAY: As mentioned at Presentation, please be aware of the need to keep up with the group in front of you. Please ensure, that when looking for a lost ball, that the group adheres to the 3-minute rule time.  If the ball is not located within the 3 minute time limit. move on quickly or preferably hit the ‘provisional ball’ to ensure continuity. Please note: if you find the ball after the 3 minutes search time that ball is NO LONGER in play!
            • Club Delegates: Outstanding work by Geoff Smith and Peter Livingstone. It was fantastic to hear Geoff speak at presentation about Cottesloe GC and his passion for the Club and progress of the club and facilities.

            Meadow Springs 21st February

            • Club Delegates Mal Kent, Peter Scott and Alan Wiseman will be Club delegates and hosts for this event.
            • Shot Gun Start: Please arrive early to ensure we get away on time!

            Captain’s Update Tuesday 8th February 2022

            Wanneroo Monday 7th February:

            • Congratulations and well played to our Grade winners: Michael Hart (A Grade) with 41 points and he revealed his secret to everyone at presentation as having minimal putts, Michael Van Drunen (B Grade) 35 Points and Dave Brown (C Grade) with 36 points.
            • Well done Warren Howard with the Best Gross.
            • PACE of PLAY: Those groups that played of the 10th had an average round of 4 hrs 30 minutes, however for those beginning off the 1st were complaining that the average round was 5 hours! With large field it is important for all of us to be aware of the reasons for slow play and encourage our group to always play ‘ready golf’ and keep the flow moving!
            • Club Delegates: My personal thanks go to Warren Howard, Jim Treloar and Darrell Lynch for setting up and running the registration desk – fantastic organisation with all the relevant information available for visiting members.

            Drummond Golf Sponsorship

            • Our new Platinum Sponsor who will bring many benefits to our members – including membership to Drummond Golf Discounts at all their stores and online.
            • Presentation Prize Values will now be as follows utilising ‘Drummond Credit Vouchers’: Best Gross $15, OBE $10, Nearest the Pin $10, Each Grade will have Vouchers for 1st to 5th place: 1st $50, 2nd $25, 3rd $15, 4th $10 and 5th $5. (1st and 2nd on the day will receive vouchers – the other values will be recorded by the Captain and once the member wants to redeem accumulated values can request a vouch from the Captain/Vice Captain. Ball Sweep will continue with 1 dozen balls to be given out at presentation. Super Pin continues.

            Booking Guests

            • Please contact/text the Captain on 0438217065 or email if you wish to book a guest. The guest will not be booked until the Saturday before the fixture as Members have preference to the fixture and will only be booked if vacancies are available. In the Text message please include: name, guest’s home club and golflink number.

            Cottesloe 14th February

            • Huge thankyou to Club Delegates Geoff Smith and Peter Livingstone (filling in for Peter Stewart in his absence) for your organisation in preparations for hosting the event.
            • Waiting List: We have now secured more Tee Off times for Cottesloe as there was a large waiting list. Please keep checking the waiting list as your name is uploaded to the starters list.

            Apologies For ‘No Show’

            • If for unforeseen circumstances, if you cannot attend a fixture on the day, please contact the Captain or Vice-Captain to let them know. Preferably we would prefer you to take your name out before the fixture closes at 6.00pm on Sunday Evening to enable other members to fill the vacancy.

            Booking Opening Time

            • Bookings for the next event in a fortnight open on the web site at 7.00pm on Monday evening.

            Country Week Bookings

            • Open now! Guest (including partners) can be booked for the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday events by contacting the Captain now,