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An Ode to the Vets


Mid-West trip 9-12 August 2020

A total of 21 players, including some partners, travelled to the Mid-West to play a series of games over 4 days at Kalbarri Golf Club, Spalding Park & Geraldton golf clubs in Geraldton and Dongara Golf Club.

The weather forecast for the trip was very bleak and only the brave, and possibly fool hardy, took on the challenge on day 1 in Kalbarri. As it turned out they were rewarded with a dry game, although extremely tough windy conditions. Top scores were:

Mick Brazier – 35pts, David Scott – 31 pts, Tom Grimston – 30 pts

Day 2 was held at Spalding Park Golf Club where players were rewarded with less wind and dry conditions to enjoy a game on a course in great condition. The results reflected this with top scores being:

 Jim Treloar & Mick Brazier – 36 pts, Beth Warrell & Stan Bartley – 35 pts

Day 3 was played at Geraldton Golf Club where the members played against the Mid-West Vets for the Ron Cole Perpetual Shield. The City Vets put up a good fight but home advantage prevailed with the Mid-West Vets coming out winners 611 to 595.

Thank you to the local Geraldton golfing community, and in particular to the ladies who hosted and catered for us with their typical country hospitality.

City Vets top scores were:

Alan Baker, Gerhard Saueracker, Kath Fordham & Chuck Macfarlane – 33 pts

Day 4 we travelled to Dongara Golf Club. Although this course has no bunkers it is a challenging and beautiful course with amazing views. Once again we received country hospitality and a beautiful sunny day to conclude our Mid-West tour. Top scores for Dongara were:

David Scott – 33 pts, Glen Ward & Digby Barrett – 31 pts

The top scores for those that braved all 4 rounds were:

Mick Brazier – 128 pts, David Scott – 124 pts, Digby Barrett – 121 pts, Alan Baker – 119 pts & Tom Grimston – 115 pts


Captain Geraldton GC

& David Scott

Captain City Vets

with the Ron Cole trophy




2019 National Championships Results

11 - 15 November 2019 Launceston, Tasmania

Click here for the link to the 2019 Launceston AVGU National Championships results.

Western Australia performed well with the following stand out winners:

Peter Hayward - Mens A Grade Net Winner on 225

Colin Thorniley - Mens 75+ Stableford Winner on 98 





The 2019 Club Championships were played over 36 holes at Mt Lawley Golf Club on 19 August and at The Western Australian Golf Club on 26 August. Members enjoyed two days of glorious winter sunshine on two of our more popular golf courses. A and B grade played stroke whilst C grade played stableford. Whilst there was some strong competition, congratulations to Warren Howard who ran out a clear overall gross winner with a 36 hole total of 158.

A special thanks to Ross Hancock who kindly donated the perpetual trophies for the gross winner and net winners for A, B and C grade.

Click on the link below for the full results.

WAVGA 2019 Championship results

The grade winners were:

Club Champion 2019

    Warren Howard


A Grade Net Winner

           David St George 






 B Grade Net Winner

     Mick Brazier


 A Grade Net Runner Up

   Charlie Lancey


 B grade Net Runner Up

Jack Ebbs


C Grade Stableford Winner

Gary Carter 


 C Grade Stableford Runner Up - Peter Livingstone




City V Country Challenge

8 April 2019

The first City Vs Country Challenge for 2019 was hosted by the COUNTRY VETS and held on Monday 08 April 2019 at Sanctury Golf Resort in Bunbury. It was a great pleasure for all to play on this magnificent Golf Course, despite many players giving up numerous balls to the thirsty water hazards.

There were 110 VETS in the field, 50 City VETS and 60 Country VETS. 

Congratulations to the COUNTRY VETS who won this challenge by a mere 3 points, City Vets on 694 and Country Vets on 697 (top 20 scores from each team).

Thanks very much to the Country Vets for their hospitality and we look forward to hosting the reverse challenge at Mandurah Country Club in November.

Congratulations also to Don Lamont from Sun City who was the overall net winner on 41 points.

Colin Thorniley

WAVGA President

presenting the


to Tim Hunter

CVGA President





2018 Annual End of Year Carvery Dinner

10 December 2018

The WA VETS held their Annual end of year dinner at the WA Golf Club on Monday 10 December 2018. 

This is an opportunity for the Vets to celebrate the end of their golfing season and have a good social catch up over a meal and drink before the Christmas break. This year we had a record number for the dinner with 88 in total.

Vets 2019 season will start again on Monday 11 February 2019 at Hartfield Country Club with a pre-season South West Tour to Manjimup, Walpole, Denmark and Albany from 5-8 February.

End of year WAVGA Perpetual trophy winner

Robert Ryan 41 points


Below are some photos of those that attended the dinner















2018 National Championships Results and Photos

12 - 16 November 2018

Click here for the link to the 2018 Port Stephens AVGU National Championships results.


Club Championships 2018

The 2018 club championships were played over 36 holes of stroke play at Hartfield Country Club on 27 August and at Royal Perth Golf Club on 10 September.

Championship results were:

    A Grade Gross winner

John Ryan 161


A Grade Net winner

Phil Penter 149


A Grade Gross

runner up

Brendan Curtin 165


A Grade Net

runner up

Charlie Lancey 150


B Grade Gross winner

David Patrick 175


B Grade Net

runner up

Bill Brogan 146


B Grade Gross

runner up

Michael Brazier 176


C Grade Net winner

Paul McShanag 149


C Grade Gross winner

John Dec 190


C Grade Net

runner up

John Henderson 149


C Grade Gross runner up - Fred Feucs 191

B Grade Net winner - Graham Bourgault 146



                                   Ross Smith

                     Ross Smith Of Success formerly of Forestfield passed away on 31 May 2018

                                                             Ross was a committee man 2007 

                                                                   Vice Captain 2008

                                                                   Captain 2009, 2010

                                                                   Vice President 2011,2012

                                                                   President 2013




                                  2018 Season Starts 12 Feb 2018

                           Hartfield Country Club

                    We start off with a sausage sizzle starting at 10.30 am

                     We Have Healthy Minds coming For Our RU OK Day

                     plus shoulder massages from Ryoka from 9.15 -11.15    





2017 National Championships Results and Photos

15 - 21 October 2017

Click here for the link to the 2017 Gold Coast AVGU National Championships update and photos.


Geraldton Challenge a Huge Success! 

07-09 August 2017

The Geraldton Trip was a huge success with 65 people traveling up to Geraldton for the event; 20 from the Country Vets and 45 from the City Vets. Many of the players arrived early to play on Sunday at Geraldton Golf Club.

The Geraldton Challenge began on Monday 7th of August with local professional Alex McKay from Spalding Park running an hour Golfing Clinic for the group which was especially designed for seniors with great golfing tips and professional advice.

We hit off at 11.00am in beautiful sunshine - which was quite different to the weather we had in Perth prior to that!

The top scores for the Monday game were:

  • Paul Tremenheere, Peter Green, Rob Garman all from the country Vets
  • Morgan Jensen, Mike Brazier, and Ed Bart leading the City Vets
  • Julie Davies, and Judith Friend were the Best City Vets women
 The Midwest Vets Win the Ron Cole Shield

The official Mid-West VS City Vets Challenge was held on Tuesday 8th of August, with 105 players competing; 65 from the city and 40 locals.

It was a close competition with the Mid-West Vets winning the inaugural Ron Cole Shield with a total of 661 points and the City Vets close behind with 646 points. Well done Mid-West Vets! It was a great competition, a bit windy but thankfully no rain.

A big thank you goes to the local Geraldton golfing community who hosted us with their country hospitality. A special mention to the local women who catered for the event, thank you!

Congratulations to the Top City Vets on the day; Morgan Jensen, Colin Thorniley and Brian Friend.

The third day of the Geraldton Trip was played on Wednesday 9th of August with 35 City Vets staying and playing at Dongarra on the way back to the city. For those that find themselves ‘beached’ in bunkers during your game - Dongarra is the course for you – it has no bunkers on the course, but interestingly they do have an occasional tree in the middle of the fairway!

Best scores for the Dongarra game were; Chuck MacFarlane, Phil Penter, Richard Walker and Frank Davies.

Best City Ladies for the day were; Julie Davies and Philomena Curtin.

Including Geraldton in next year’s fixtures will be discussed in the AGM in December, with a possibly including a stop in Kalbarri.



 Country VETS win the Bruce Rowley Shield! 

04 April 2017

The Country Vs City Challenge was held yesterday Monday 03 April 2017 at the Bunbury Golf Course. It was an absolute pleasure to play at the Bunbury Golf Course this year, with many people remarking on the immaculate greens and fairways!

The challenge consisted of 130 VETS this year, 60 City VETS and 70 Country VETS.

Congratulations to the Country VETS who won the competition this year. It was a close run with 13 points between the two, City on 740 and Country winning with 758 (top 20 scores from each team). Well done gents!

The Country VETS organised a fantastic day, with a sausage sizzle (sausage and bun, vegemite scrolls, and sweet pastries) being provided after the 9th hole, and a Make You Own Burger station before the presentation. The Country VETS funded the majority of the prizes, with the City VETS also donating three dozen balls for the event.

We are now tied with one win for City VETS in 2016, and one to Country VETS this year. It looks like next year will be an interesting challenge! Looking forward to it!

See below comment on the Bunbury Golf Club website about our event:


Monday 3rd April saw a good field of 130 golfers representing over thirty metropolitan and SW clubs do battle for the City versus Country veteran’s golf challenge. With perfect weather and the course in fantastic condition (lauded by many of the visiting golfers) the SW gained the upper hand and won the shield 758 points to 740 (top 20 scores from each team). A great time was had by all and there are many people to thank for helping out during the day. Special mention must go to Tom Farrer who manned the barbecue all day and did a sterling job for lunch and tea. Grant Brookes wore his apron with distinction in the kitchen and was indispensable and Les Horrobin in the scorer’s tent made it all possible. Thanks go to the many others from the ground staff to the ladies behind the bar.

Norm Ellery
Bunbury GC Vet’s delegate

Country VETS President Tim Hunter (left) is presented with the Bruce Rowley Sheild by VETS Captain Gordon Sherlock (right) on behalf of the winners the Country VETS All of the Country and City veterans who participated in the Country VS City Challenge at Bunbury Golf Course


R U OK? Day

13 February 2017

The first game of 2017 for the VETS kicked off today at Hartfield Country Club, with 116 players teeing off to start the season in very humid conditions.

As part of the VETS welfare network support objective we held the first raising awareness session regarding men’s health which links to the overall values of the organisation.

Asking your friends, family and golfing buddies “R U OK?” should be encouraged, and thought of as a positive way to show others you care.

Before heading out, the VETS were treated to a neck and shoulder massage by Ryoka on behalf on the Helping Minds team who kindly financed the treatments on the day.

Two representatives from Helping Minds, Jess and Ellen came along to the game to help create awareness around Men’s Mental Health and encourage members to ask each other “R U OK?” They had photos on display of celebrities and sport stars who have a mental health issue and have spoken publically about it. They provided pamphlets on Carer Peer Support.

A special mention to Gail Sexton, Vice Captain Stan’s wife for coming along and providing help and support to the VETS during this event giving out “Beyond Blue” information about men’s mental health, dealing with anxiety, depression and coping with serious health conditions.

More information about Helping Minds can be found on their website and Beyond Blue at

Other websites which may be of interest include:













2016 Annual End of Year Carvery Dinner

05 December 2016

The WA VETS held our Annual end of year dinner at the WA Golf Club on Monday 05 December 2016. 

It is a opportunity for the Vets to celebrate the end of the 2016 VETS golfing season. This year there was a great turn out as the boys socialised and had a good catch up before the Christmas break. The Vets 2017 season will start again 13 February 2017 at Hartfield Country Club.


Life Member Award - Garry Carter

Congratulations to Garry Carter for being awarded Life Member
of the WA VETS Golf on Monday 05 December 2016 at the Annual
General Meeting. Garry has provided over 10 years of service
on the WA VETS committee. 

Thank you for your hard work and ongoing support Garry!

Below are some photos of those that attended the dinner.



Free Dress Day at Hartfield Country Club

28 November 2016

The VETS held a Free Dress Day at Hartfield Country Club on 28 November 2016. Thank you to everyone that participated.

A special mention to Eddie Fong from the York Golf Club who was awarded the Best Fancy Dress Winner for the day which was judged by the loudest cheers from the VETS at the presentation!


  Golf Fun Day1     Golf Fun Day 2

Eddie Fong - York Golf Club

Best Fancy Dress Winner


Jim Treloar - Wanneroo (left)

Tom Grimston - WA Golf Club (right)



One lucky member will be driving away in a BMW!

17 May 2016

BMW for a Weekend - you could be spending a weekend driving around in an Ultimate Driving Machine experiencing the luxury, comfort and style of a BMW courtesy of our new sponsor West Coast BMW!

West Coast BMW has come on board and is offering one of their latest BMW’s as a prize for our Joondalup Game on Monday 20 June 2016.

If you can see yourself driving around in the latest BMW on a weekend of your choice, and think you’ve got what it takes to have the Best Score of the Day, then come along to Joondalup Resort and be in it to win it!

Be in early to register for this game - this game will be open to all members including Country Vets.

Normal prizes for all grades will be offered - in addition to the Best Score of the Day prize of a ‘BMW for a Weekend’ prize.

The Joondalup Resort game will be a Shotgun Start at 11.30am.

I will be getting my practice in, so I suggest you all do too (or maybe you shouldn’t...)!

Gordon Sherlock




City beats Country VETS in Challenge at Bunbury!

04 April 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended the City vs Country Challenge on Monday 04 April 2016.

There were 142 members of which 70 travelled down from Perth to attend. It was a beautiful day and extremely good conditions for our annual challenge.

A big thank you to the Country Vets who put on a wonderful day, their hospitality was amazing and the food was talked about all day. Well done to all members who helped out, and also to a number of the Bunbury members wives who without their support the day simply wouldn’t have been the same! The half time pumpkin soup was a treat!

Congratulations to the City VETS for a special effort and for taking out the first win on The Bruce Rowley Shield.

Well done City VETS!


Garry Carter, City VETS President accepts the shield on behalf of the City VETS 


The Bruce Rowley Shield 

A Past President


Life Member

WA Delegate to AVGU




 City Vs County Members down for the Bunbury Challenge 




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