Secretary / Treasurer : Tony Farrow Ph 0438 259 543

MINUTES of meeting held at Royal Perth Golf Club on Tuesday 25th October 2016

PRESENT: Garry Carter, Mike Bemrose, Tony Farrow, Gordon Sherlock, Stan Bird, Mick Glasson, Stan Sexton, Ron Cole, David Scott, Peter Green

APOLOGIES: Colin Thorniley 


MINUTES: of previous meeting held on 30/8/2016 confirmed and accepted






All games since last meeting have been well attended and Araluen at 109 players was the highest in recent years for that course. The issue of the cart shortage and changes to some bookings was discussed. The option for two games was discussed one to cover the lower numbers during senior pennants  and the other to look at making sure all players are aware that walking is an option if they prefer.

The Adelaide championships are in two weeks with WA having 71 entrants out of a total field of 282. The Gold Coast is already on line for next year at $495 if booked prior to 10th Dec this year. Full price is $545 The date is 15th – 20th October next year and Gordon will put details onto the website.

Hartfield game in November to be a 2 man ambrose event with “fancy dress” option.



Report tabled / Cash Book balanced to Bank Statement at 30/9/2016

Bank West                                                       $19,866           Last year              $22,943

Balances carried forward 1/10/2015                 $22,943           Loss year to date   $3,077

Details of payments made since previous report  30/8/2016 was tabled.   

Green fee summary including trophies and sponsorship for all games year to date was reviewed showing nett cost of just over $3,700



Greg Leahy                  WAGC                        Matthew Skipper          Hartfield

Wal Dauberman           Lakelands                     Chas Harris                  Gosnells

Brian Smith                   Mandurah                     Jeff Dow                      Vines

Henty Farrar                 Royal Fremantle           Richard Pace                Sea View

Patrick Buller                Nedlands


Current membership                 479  

New members year to date         53                                                 

New members last year              55






All outstanding sponsors have now payed up except for Gosnells Dining Group. It was agreed that this sponsorship deal should not be pursued for this year.

All the thankyou letters will be mailed to the sponsors which also invites their attendance at the closing day dinner. Mike to follow up in addition to handling the general bookings for WAGC Carvery – 5th December

Some sponsors have already notified that they will not continue next year. Other options are a possibility.

The Meadow Springs option includes some prizes for the day so this will help if we have it scheduled as a WAVGA sponsored day.

The option of groups of members joining together to sponsor a day was also discussed, ie 10 members at $20 each would give them naming rights to a particular  day such as footballers trophy or joint replacement recipients trophy etc based on some common interests.



  1. Details for the annual bulletin are being pulled together by Gary and Tony will arrange with Jiffy for printing by mid November. Circulation to be by hard copy handed to members playing over the games at the end of November and the balance mailed..
  2. It was agreed that the annual subs fee of $30 would remain for 2017
  3. Election of committee details was reviewed with all current members continuing apart from Ron Cole. After a considerable number of years of service Ron is stepping down so nominations for Vice President will be sought. The president and committee members thanked Ron for all his hard work and hoped he will continue and enjoy his golf.
  4. Final day at WAGC will be a 12.30pm shotgun start and the AGM will commence at 10.30am
  5. Peter Green reported that the country vets continue to with two new courses looked at for next year, Walpole & Denmark. Peter also accepted invitation to our final day game at WAGC and the carvery.
  6. Tony, Gordon and Stan will be attending the Country vets AGM on Tuesday 13th December followed by golf at Capel.
  7. A discussion was held re the need to start early planning for the next AVGU competition in WA. An initial group of Mick Glasson, David Scott & Tony Farrow was nominated to liase with the country vets to identify possible options for both golf and the accommodation / dinner requirements.
  8. A discussion was held re the option to promote the welfare support  aspects of our organisation. As a start we will plan one golf date early next year to be promoted as “ R U OK Day” and see what can be developed from there.
  9. Melville Glades have reconsidered their position after more lobbying by our members and have offered a compromise position of a Tuesday game option. To get them back in the system this could be used following a Monday public holiday.


The next meeting will be our AGM on Monday 5th December  at 10.30am at WAGC



Secretary / Treasurer