Secretary / Treasurer : Tony Farrow Ph 9447 5604

MINUTES of meeting held at Royal Perth Golf Club on Tuesday 20th. January 2015

PRESENT: Garry Carter, Ron Cole, Mike Bemrose, Tony Farrow, Gordon Sherlock, Brian Munro, Stan Bird, Colin Thorniley, David Scott, Stan Sexton.

 President Garry welcomed all the new committee members for this year and hoped that we were all looking forward to a good year.

APOLOGIES: nil   .

MINUTES: of previous meeting held on 30/10/2014 confirmed and accepted



Report tabled firstly thanking Stan and David for stepping up as Vice Captains.

Both Stan and David will take on the full role of running golf days as a back up for the captain.

We finished last year with our final golf day at WAGC.  Serg Varrichio taking out the annual trophy.

Bookings for 2015 are  well on the way to being finalised with 3 games at Hartfield, WAGC, Mt Lawley and Lakelands. 2 games at Wanneroo, Kwinana, Royal Freemantle Araluen, Karrinyup and Sun City.

The game at York is planned and will be set up and run by our enthusiastic group of local York boys.

Proposed green fee structure was discussed for this year. It was generally agreed that we keep the $25 fee for the majority of clubs. This will require us to subsidise by approx $5 per player. The exceptions will be similar to last year with Karrinyup, Joondalup likely to be $50 per player and subsidy of $10.

Further discussion looked at options for reducing the fee at lower attendance courses to see if this increased the numbers playing. Kwinana will be tried for the normal game early in the year and for the Country Vets challenge game in August.

The captain also presented a revised list of Club reps and we are now able to call on two reps for the majority of the clubs. These will be included in the updated fixture book for 2015.


Report tabled / Cash Book balanced to Bank Statement at 31/12/2013:

Bendigo Bank               $  4816

Bank West                   $24871…………………$29736

Balances carried forward 1/10/2014                     $26479          =   Gain to date  $3257

Details of cheques drawn since previous report 30/10/2014 tabled.        


Approved since preyious meeting 30/10/2014:

Mick Glasson                            WAGC                        60121 04022

Steve Cole                               WAGC                        60121 02414

John Farrow                              WAGC                        60121 02241

Mike Barker                              Hartfield                     60105 01155

John Tandy                               WAGC                        60121 0143

 Steve Maccora                          WAGC                        60121 02233

Don Lamont                              WAGC                        60121 04755

Jim Grehan                               Royal Perth                 60116 30371

John Martin                               WAGC                        60121 02448

Neil Munro                                 Pinjarra                      65405 02467

Con Lee                                    Melville Glades            60111 04591

Brian Macleod                             WAGC                        60121 04721

Resignations                             7

Current Membership    485


Resignation notes were received from George Walkenshaw and Roland Sharpe and both expressed their thanks and best wishes for the future to the committee and the members of WAVGA.


As of today we have 12 out of our 20 sponsors on board again for this year. Eagle Wools may be doubtful but My Caddy could be a new starter. Mr Ball may also not continue if Lee Minor sells his business.

New artwork where required is still being made up for the 2015 fixture book.

York Vets would like to run their sponsors day at the game at York. They will provide lunch, afternoon tea and the trophies for the day.

A full list of the current sponsors with all contact details was made available to assist the new secretary.


David Scott said he was pleased to have a chance to be involved with the committee

Colin Thorniley asked what we thought would be our challenges for this year and into the future. Discussion focused on the trend for green fee costs to continue to increase and playing numbers likely to be lower. We agreed that with our current financial situation we could continue to hold our fees as is and use accumulated funds as necessary. No need to review application or renewal fees until the end of the year.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.45am to meet with the Club Representatives .The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 10th. March 2015 at 10am Royal Perth GC.


MINUTES of meeting held with Club Representatives commencing at 11am


ATTENDANCE: Clubs were represented as follows:

Melville Glades             Michael Hardless / Jack Ebbs

Mount Lawley               Denis Cooper

Nedlands                      John Gray                    

Royal Perth                  Don Brearley

Wanneroo                    Warren Howard / Jim Treloar

Sea View                      Peter Wilmott

Hartfield                       Howie Evans   

Lakelands                     Kevin Essing

Royal Freemantle          Kommer Springvloed

Kwinana                       Dennis Clark

Cottesloe                      Geoff Smith / Peter Stewart


John Perry Lakelands, Jim Ellis Joondalup, Tony Thornett Karrinyup

 The Chairman opened the meeting welcoming Club Representatives.



Captain Gordon thanked members for offering to represent their club for the WAVGA with duties split into two distinct areas:


1. At your club you are the WAVGA contact for all your over 55 yr members and to encourage club members to become active WAVGA members.

2. On WAVGA match days to be available with another member of your Club to run the registration desk from 10am till close off .You should book your time slot to be either last off 1st. or 10th.in order to complete booking in of all players.

If for any reason you may be absent on the day please let Captain know at least 2 weeks in advance.

To assist club reps an updated application form and a general information sheet about WAVGA will be made available on the website.


The option to invite guests was discussed and in general at those courses where attendance is usually lower then guests could continue to be invited. It was still however very much at the Captains and Presidents discretion.

It was also felt that we could invite the local club President and Captain to play again where numbers where likely to be lower.

The issue of the fixture list having a good split between north and south clubs was raised. It has certainly been the intention to take this into account within the limits set by the options each club provide us. February was cited as having an improved split from prior years.

Higher green fees and extra travel were seen as part of the trend for lower numbers and car pooling option should be utilised by members where they can.

The time sheet options will continue to start initially with 11am to 12.30 slots. This assists with an early completion of the game and presentation. whenever the sheet is filled more time slots will be made available

 There being no further business the President thanked all members for attending and closed the meeting.