Secretary / Treasurer: Tony Farrow Ph 9447 5604

MINUTES of meeting held at Royal Perth Golf Club on Tuesday 10th. March 2015

PRESENT: Garry Carter, Ron Cole, Mike Bemrose, Tony Farrow, Gordon Sherlock, Brian Munro, Stan Bird, Colin Thorniley, David Scott.

 APOLOGIES: Stan Sexton

 MINUTES: of previous meeting held on 20/1/2015 confirmed and accepted


Further discussion re reduced green fee option to boost attendance. Agreed that Rockingham game 20th April to be promoted at a reduced green fee.

In addition invitation to local members to play on that day as visitors for local green fee of $5.


Attendances so far have been marginal at all games.

Lakelands 62, Hartfield 85, Gosnells 57, Rockingham 56, Kwinana 76

The captain proposed that a separate prize be given for the best OBE (over bloody eighty) score. We will need to check how many regular golfers fit this into this group.


Report tabled / Cash Book balanced to Bank Statement at 27/2/2015

Bank West                                                      $32,628

Balances carried forward 1/10/2014               $26,479          =   Gain to date  $6,149

Details of cheques drawn since previous report 20/1/2015 tabled.         


Approved since preyious meeting 20/1/2015:

 Peter Livingstone                    Cottesloe

Ben Price                                 Joondalup

Darryl Powell                            Melville Glades

Bill Heron                                Melville Glades

Steve Huckett                           Lakelands

Steve Pash                               Lakelands

Nick Rahimtulla                         Mt Lawley

Des Boland                               Royal Perth

Phil Reid                                  York

Michael Harrison                       Mandurah

Ian Powell                                Melville Glades

Tom McGee                              Chequers

Gerald Roach                            Melville Glades

Resignations                            34        (all non renewals for 2015)

Current Membership               475      (still includes 42 unpaid for 2015)     


Bill Mahony tendered his resignation as club rep for Rockingham. Gordon has subsequently discussed the issue with him and hopeful to still keep him involved in future games at Rockingham.

Email received from AVGU about different categories of membership becoming available at private clubs and the effect on ongoing vets membership. The particular example was a 9 hole membership package. We will need to keep up to date on our membership details to ensure all our members qualify as financial and regular playing members of A and C class clubs.


Started the year with 20 sponsors on paper but have since lost 3 for various reasons. The remaining 17 are all covered in the 2015 fixture book with a good range of products for our members to choose from.

Sponsors thankyou letters will be ready to mail out this week with a fixture book and sponsorship invoice

York vets to finalise details for their game on 15th June. WAVGA will supply usual quantity of golf balls, York vets to organise the rest of the day.


Stan Bird advised he has another sponsorship option to come on board. Canon Foods are a large food manufacturing operation and he will develop a option for one of our WAVGA sponsored games.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 11.10 am.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 12th. May  at 10am Royal Perth GC.