MINUTES of  34th  Annual  General    Meeting held at WA   Golf Club on  5th. of  December 2016  commencing at 10.30am.


PRESENT: Garry Carter, Gordon Sherlock, David Scott, Stan Sexton, Ron Cole, Tony Farrow, Mick Glasson, Colin Thorniley, Mike Bemrose, Stan Bird, Peter Green, Jon Stanley, Colin Oliver, Kevin Essing, Bob Howe, Graham Dore, Paul McShanag, Eddie Fong, John Henderson, Trevor Tainsh, Grame Hunt, Bill Wagner, Bill Brogan, Tony Linton, Morgan Jensen, Stan Bartley, Charlie Lancey, Peter King, Ken Dunwoodie, Steve Spencer, Colin McCafferty, Graham Woodard, Robert McCarthy, Warren Howard, Tom Grimston, Peter Mueller, Henty Farrar, Peter Livingstone, Geoff Smith, Don Hall, Paul Ryan, Jim Ellis, Mick Braier, Bob Meares, Neil Watson, Max Stewart, Ian Hutton, Graeme Roberts, Chuck McFarlane, Peter Hayward, Mathew Skipper, Plil Flavell, Steve Maccora, Peter Stewart, Brian Stevenson, Bruce Sanderson, Steve Potter, David Boyd,


APOLOGIES:K Springvloed, G Merenda, F Feucs, K Horne, A Wetherly


MINUTES: of Annual General Meeting held at WAGC on 6th. December 2015 were available with the Secretary. Moved by Bill Wagner seconded by Mick Glasson that they be accepted as a true record and carried on show of hands.




TREASURERS REPORT: As circulated in the recent bulletin .Moved by David Scott and seconded by Mick Brazier that report be accepted and carried on show of hands

Henty Farrar queried why we have a large amount on deposit rather than use the cash to subsidise members activities. The President responded by outlining that these funds had accumulated over the last twenty years and in fact the committee was now budgeting to reduce this amount gradually. The last few years have seen small operating losses which will continue to reduce the cash position. Each year is highly dependent on sponsorship income to offset rising costs and we will probably not retain this level in the future.


PRESIDENTS REPORT: As circulated in the recent bulletin.


CAPTAINS REPORT: As circulated in recent bulletin and additional points covered below in general business.



President                     Garry Carter                1 year term

Vice President             Colin Thorniley           1 year term

Sec / Treasurer Tony Farrow               2 year term

Captain                        Gordon Sherlock         2 year term                 

Vice Captain               Stan Sexton                 2 year term

Vice Captain               David Scott                 2 year term

Committee                  Mike Bemrose             2 year term

                                    Stan Bird                     2 year term


The vacant committee position was filled from the floor with Stan Bartley offering his services and duly elected

Committee                  Stan Bartley                2 year term


AUDITOR: Moved by Tony Farrow that Australian Audit &

Insurance be re appointed as our auditors.  Carried by show of hands.



Renewals proceeding for next year. Have been advised of one member passing away during the year, Ken Allen from Joondalup club



1 Stan Sexton outlined his proposal to highlight in next years programme the support network that he will promote for all members benefit and asked for their support where possible.

2 Colin McCafferty raised the issue of the rapidly increasing cost of hiring golf carts at most clubs. After some discussion it was agreed that to date all emphasis had been on trying to limit green fee increases and not cart hire costs. The match committee undertook to raise this issue with the clubs as part of the booking programme for next year. Perhaps there is an option to look at members hire costs rather than as visitors.

3 Gordon Sherlock, Stan Sexton & David Scott are currently booking next years programme and as usual green fee increase will be apparent. These will try to be kept to a manageable amount with bookings favouring those clubs offering a reasonable & comparable green fee.

4. Mick Glasson proposed a vote of confidence in the three guys handling this difficult task and it was supported by the members.

5. David Scott made a belated trophy presentation to Gordon Sherlock for his efforts at the 2016 AVGU Championships in Adelaide. The original results had caused some degree of confusion at the time.

6. Stan Bartley positively endorsed “ Go Golfing Travel” as a very good organiser for the next AVGU titles in Qld. His previous experience with them was extremely good.

7. The issue of hot weather and PM golf was raised again but we do not have an option to start early as all clubs require Monday mornings for maintenance following the weekend golf .

8. Melville Glades will be back on the list for next year at a reasonable rate but on a Tuesday. We will book this game to follow one of the Monday public holidays.

9. Next years AGM will be one week later and hopefully be able to revert to our previous option of alternating between Mt Lawley and WAGC for our meeting, final game and closing dinner.

10. Brian Stevenson proposed a vote of confidence and thanks to all the committee for their hard work through the year on behalf of the members.



Ron Cole nominated Gary Carter for life membership of our association. Gordon Sherlock seconded the motion.  In speaking to the nomination Ron outlined Gary’s many achievements. From 2006 and his election to the committee Gary has been Vice Captain, Captain for three years and President for three years. In addition he has been the WA rep to the AVGU and to top it of has been responsible for managing our WAGA website for the last three years.

The motion was carried unanimously by the members.


CLOSED: President Garry  closed the meeting at 11.30am.thanking the Committee

and members for their attendance and wishing all members and their families best wishes for the festive season.


The next meeting of Committee will be held at Royal Perth Golf Club early next year on a date to be confirmed

A meeting with CLUB REPRESENTATIVES will follow. An invitation and agenda will be circulated prior to the meeting.


Tony Farrow

Secretary / Treasurer